The galaxy is the place that can be viewed when the Galaxy tab is pressed at the bottom of the screen.

There are several different versions of planets that can be viewed in the Galaxy Map.

Types of Planets Edit

Player- Inhabited Edit

Player-inhabited planets are the planets at which fleets are built and resources produced. Your planet is where your fleet remains docked until you send it out. When your planet is attacked, any docked ships you have at your planet will attack the enemy fleet.

Pirates Edit

Pirates are non-player-controlled (NPC) planets that contain fleets that will attack your fleet when you send it to Pirates.

Levels of Pirate planets as follows:

  • Level 1 Pirates: a small number of fighters and corvettes.
  • Level 2 Pirates: a larger number of fighters and corvettes, along with a small amount of frigates.
  • Level 3 Pirates: a considerable amount of fighters, corvettes, bombers, a moderate amount of frigates, and a few battleships.
  • Level 4 Pirates: thousands of fighters, bombers, and corvettes, a large amount of frigates, a moderate amount of battleships and dreadnaughts, and a few carriers.

Resources Edit

See: Rescource

Empire Edit

Empire planets follow the same principle as Pirate planets. Empire planets have fleets that attack yours.

But, Empire planets usually have more ships than Pirate planets.

Leveling listed as follows:

  • Level 1 Empire: a few fighters and bombers.
  • Level 2 Empire: a moderate amount of fighters and corvettes.
  • Level 3 Empire: Thousands of fighters and corvettes, a moderate amount of bombers and frigates, and a few battleships.
  • Level 4 Empire: Tens of thousands of fighters and bombers, thousands of corvettes, hundreds of frigates, some battleships, a moderate amount of carriers, and a moderate amount of dreadnaughts.